Thursday, May 29, 2008

Baby Boomers - Let's Have Some Fun!

Baby Boomers, now is the time in your life to have some fun! We have some essential baby boomers information right here to to get your imagination going.

Think about what you always wanted to do in your youth, but didn't have the time or money. What about skydiving? George Bush, Sr. recently (2007) took his fourth skydive at the age of 83 ... you can watch on the video to the upper left. He recently had a hip replaced, so he did a tandem jump and just kept his knees up during landing. Pretty COOL, huh?

OK, maybe skydiving isn't your cup of tea, what about jumping on a freighter and cruising exotic ports of call? The upper age limit for this type of cruising is 79, but that still leaves the opportunity for many of us! Cruising on a freighter can be less expensive than conventional cruising and offers a side of water travel seldom seen by most ...... to learn how to go about this type of travel, click here ....

Have you ever thought about digging up fossils or dinosaurs? Volunteers are welcome at the Archaeological Institute of America. Volunteers usually have a minimum stay required and are responsible for most of their room and board, but each site is different so go to this site and look around and see what tickles your fancy!

This is your retirement, so make the most of it! For essential baby boomers information you have come to the right place!


carol stanley said...

Love these sites for baby boomers...They (we) are becoming the rage...So much information, ideas and fun....Keep them coming...Carol Stanley For Kids 59.99 and Over

Denise Clarke said...

Hi Carol!
It's time we let them know that Boomers ROCK! By the way I love the title of your book!


Sheree said...

Alright, Denise. I am so glad to see another Baby Boomer who shares my philosophy on my so-called "over-the-hill" life. Go, baby, go.

I spend some of my time blogging to another travel site. It has great info for Boomers - like this article on avoiding seasickness.


PS Thanks for visiting my Baby Boomer blog.