Sunday, May 11, 2008

Baby Boomers - Don't Forget Mom

Baby Boomers, the day is upon us, the once yearly time to give tribute to the woman that gave us life, changed our diapers and dried our tears.

For many of us, our Mom's have passed away. For others, we may have an aging parent that is cause for worry along with feelings that are a mixture of love, stress, financial concerns and more.

When does our special relationship with our Mother take a reversal ... I don't remember the exact day when I knew that I would have to be the caregiver to my Mom, but it happened ... and as annoying as my Mom could be, I always said to myself, "you only have one Mother" ... some days I would chant this like a mantra.

We had good times and bad, but now that she is gone I wouldn't trade any of those times. Life is funny that way ... time softens the bad times a bit and now I can even smile at some of the worst ...

Well, here I am, the baby, posing with my Mom and sister, Maryjo. My Mom never liked to pose for pictures even as a young woman....right now she is probably appalled that I would show a picture of her in pin curls! Hey, I'm in diapers, which is worse?

My sister, well my sister is no longer with us, either ... she died of pancreatic cancer five years ago. She was a Mom also.

So, to both of these very special women in my life ... I will love you both, always .... Happy Mother's Day!

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Guanaja Sharon said...

Hey, my Mom wore a scarf like that to cover her pincurls (is that one word or two?). I was a pre-baby boomer being born in 1943 but I still count myself from that era. Yes, my Mom and my husband's Mom have both passed on and now I wait for my children to write and wish me a Happy Mother's Day.
They both sent greetings via e-mail (one is in Iraq and the other in Tampa) and I really look forward to those cards.