Thursday, May 8, 2008

Baby Boomers, The Envelope, Please!

Baby Boomers, have you ever seen an envelope that looks like this? It is usually sent to you right around your 50th birthday. Is it something to celebrate or should you line the bird cage with it?

At first, I put my envelope in the bottom of the stack of mail, then under a pile of bills ... next I rotated it through 3 months worth of bills until I finally got up my courage to open it ... after all, it had my name on it! By now I had already celebrated my 50th birthday and the initial shock had worn down a bit ... from OMG! to just omg!

Well, I read the information, then I put on my reading glasses and re-read it! The information sounded good, the price was right, only $12.50 a year and, why not?

I took the following excerpt from the AARP online Membership page because they say it so well:

Membership includes:

Benefits and Discounts: Access to health insurance, automobile insurance, homeowners insurance and other services from AARP. Discounts on travel, online services, music and much more.

Advocacy and Information: A voice in Washington and in your state, representing you on issues like Medicare, Social Security and consumer safety.

Advice for Living Well: Expert advice on healthy living, financial planning, consumer protection, and caring for parents.

Award-winning Publications: AARP The Magazine is packed with exciting features, and the AARP Bulletin brings you the latest news and information each month.

Community Services: Over 2,000 local chapters, driver safety courses, tax prep help, and a nationwide volunteer network.

OK, I have been a member now for over 5 years and what they say is true, so don't be afraid. When you get that envelope in the mail, open it with gusto! Grow up baby boomers, smell the roses and take advantage of a good thing.

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