Friday, April 17, 2009

Baby Boomers - You Can do IT!

Susan Boyle's, a Scottish baby boomer is taking the world by storm. With only one song and an unforgettable YouTube clip, this obscure woman from a small Scottish village has in less than a week become nearly a household name around the world.

Take a listen to this wonderful woman and enjoy ...

Talking about her journey so far, she told the morning show that she reacted to the titters in the audience during her audition by focusing on the performance "You have to take yourself seriously, so what I did was concentrate on the song."

As a way of explanation for why she went on the show, Boyle said: "I wanted to make this a tribute to my mother, so it was something I wanted to do, so I had to get on with it. That's where the courage came from, my mother."

The 47-year-old unemployed church worker from Scotland's West Lothian district has captured hearts with her back story of "having never been kissed." She now lives alone with her cat, Pebbles, and previously cared for her ill mother, who died a couple of years ago.

Susan Boyle ... you ROCK!

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carol stanley said...

it is your turn to get out and have some fun...why not?