Thursday, June 12, 2008

Baby Boomers - Is it Time to Re-Invent Yourself?

Baby Boomers, think carefully ... as a child did you used to play with your food? Were you drawn to the mashed potatoes and unable to resist taking big handfuls and just squishing them ... how about green peas ... entranced by the color and the delightful "pop" when you smooshed them? Have you ever considered re-inventing yourself as a food artist? No, no ... I don't mean photographing food items ... I mean "painting" with real food ....

Click on this delightful child and spend the next few moments in awe ..... if this video "speaks" to you, then perhaps you have found your new career!

Retirement is all about the next portion (not the last!) of your life. Do something FUN ... think outside the box and enjoy!


Carol D. O'Dell said...

Great pic!

That's why your grandchildren are born near your time of retirement--so they can show you how to really have fun again.

Life's sweetness comes everyday--picking flowers, playing with your food, popcicles on a hot summer's day, running through the sprinklers!

~Carol O'Dell
Author of Mothering Mother: A Daughter's Humorous and Heartbreaking Memoir
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Anna D. Banks, GCDF said...

Delightful video!

I must admit my "food artwork" very closely resembles the BBQ sauce in the bowl.

But I love assisting boomer clients connect with and create exciting goals for their "Third Age" using a simple pair of scissors, glue sticks and magazines filled with wonderful pictures.

- Anna D. Banks

ankur said...

Great pic . I guess havbing grandchildren , when you are retired is really great thing. You have ample time to play with kids.

Natasha said...

Awesome pic!:)

At this time in our lives, having grandkids is one of the best things!:)

Having said that, I'd also like you to join us at, a site for women in their fifties who believe in embracing transitions and changes in their lives, and have a great time in the process!:)

Cathy Warren said...

Boomers and Seniors are re-inventing themselves everyday. There are a lot of great resources
available today, people are creating networks specifically geared toward a new mind-set about aging in today's society.