Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Baby Boomer Essential Info - National Hug Day!

Baby Boomers ... listen up ... today June 11th is National Hug Day. I know, you may have had a senior moment and forgotten this important occasion ... that's OK, it's why I am here! The good thing is, you don't have to buy a gift. Just wrap your arms around that special someone and give a little squeeze.

There is even a "Hugs for Health" foundation and ground rules for hugging etiquette. I have included their instructions and web site for further clarification below so take a look before you go out and commit a faux hug!

Have You Had Your Hugs Today?

Your Daily Hug Rx
4 Hugs for Survival
8 Hugs for Maintenance
12 Hugs for Growth

Proper Hug Etiquette
also known as the

Rules to Safe Hugging

  1. Always respect another's space.

  2. Ask permission before hugging.

  3. A hug is a compassionate gesture,
    hug accordingly.

  4. A hug is a gentle embrace,
    not the Heimlich Maneuver.

  5. Be "in" the hug, don't simply
    go through the motion.

    You may be wondering why I have included this information in my baby boomers blog, but it is a fact that the baby boom generation was the first to start all this hugging stuff. So, if you are over 50, go out there and do what comes naturally! For hugging info you can visit the hug for health site listed below.

Happy Hugging!


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ankur said...

what it was national hug day . It is also my lil sis birthday .

Cathy Warren said...

Everyday should be national hug day.

Cathy Warren